The Manifest Academy has developed an all
male leadership and mentoring program.

The program will promote and empower students to become outstanding leaders, by identifying and developing their unique talents. The Manifest Academy is committed to helping the students to dominate in every discipline during their high school careers and beyond. Furthermore, the program will help students to develop a Value, Vision, and Mission Statements that will serve as their roadmap to success.

The Manifest Academy addresses the WHOLE CHILD

  • Self-confidence
  • Academics (College Readiness and Career Opportunities)
  • Character (Honesty, Respect, Responsibility)
  • Life Skills (Manners, Speaking, Listening, Etiquette)
  • Community Service / Giving Back
  • Cultural Understanding (History, Art, Music, Sports)
  • Dreams/Aspirations

Motto: “Manifest your Purpose”

Value: We value trust and integrity. We provide our youth with knowledge and wisdom in order to create a fulfilling future.

Mission: Providing a cultural and educational experience that empowers students

Vision: Students nurturing their unique gifts, maximize obtainable resources; cultivate interest; increasing educational and career success rates.

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